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A good strategic plan does not gain value until it is properly implemented. Simply ICT can also be of service in this.

According to Simply ICT, ict management means simplicity, overview and result. Purchasing, implementation and evaluation are perfectly managed from your strategic objectives. Keeping our work open and transparent. For you to be able to see what we do for you. And the savings we are making for you.

Our knowledge ensures that you not only choose the best parties for your plan. It also helps to review contracts and choose the best products. And also when you are reviewing the report we are happy  to look along with you.

Our experience ensures a correct interpretation of figures and data. An interpretation which the Board of your organisation can benefit from.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management

It is not easy to compare ict suppliers. Not every supplier offers what you are looking for. And not every supplier is as transparent in its pricing. Simply ICT knows how the market works. We know the cost prices. We understand the technology. And we work worldwide. … Read More

Contract Management

Where offers are still filled with possibilities, contracts are the final piece of a clever game. Where it often comes down to the fine print. Therefore assessing a contract not only concerns the technical data. … Read More

Service Management

Simply ICT makes your ict transparent and clear. After the implementation we also provide insight into the results. With clear analyses and management reports. So you can keep a finger on the pulse. … Read More



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